Soundproofing for Masonry Walls

The wall soundproofing options shown here are our most popular systems. Note however that these systems do not represent everything that we can provide to you. This is because we have the in-house expertise to design any system to meet your needs. However, these systems provide high soundproofing within their respective sizes. We can improve performance even more by adding Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) to these systems.

We always recommend that we undertake sound insulation testing before we carry out an installation. This is so that so we can make sure that you have the best soundproofing in the space that you have available. We can also check that our soundproofing won’t be affected by other factors.

Just tap or click the play button below each system to listen to a demo of speech heard from the other side. This should give you an idea of the improvement you could expect when using that system.

Why not take a look at our ceiling and floor soundproofing systems, and hear how we can also transform your other existing partitions?

Your Existing Party Brick Wall

Many of our customers have older period properties. These types of properties often have party walls made from a single layer of brick which is usually plastered.

If you have this type of wall in your property, then sound will likely be passing through very easily. Although this is not what most people would expect from a brick wall!

Existing plastered masonry crop
Good soundproofing system

Slimline Wall Soundproofing

When space in your home is precious, we have a balance between sound reduction and space saving in this system. This system will only take up around 5 cm from your existing wall.

Dense materials are fixed to the existing plastered masonry wall. The differences in the materials achieve a high reduction in sound transfer through your wall.

High Performance Wall Soundproofing

If you really have room to spare, we can install systems that provide very high sound reduction. Depending on your needs, we expect these systems to be somewhere between 10 and 15 cm deep.

As well as high density materials, this system also uses absorption and separation of the different lining materials to achieve the sound reduction to your wall.

You may not think that there is an audio sample in the clip, but that’s just because it is so quiet!

Best Soundproofing System

Trust the experts and get a quote today to install wall soundproofing in your home.

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