Floor Soundproofing

Floor soundproofing is slightly different from soundproofing walls and ceilings. This is because the height of any soundproofing system is very important. The floor level cannot be raised a great deal as this might cause all sorts of issues, such as having to alter doors. Because of this, we need to achieve the greatest sound insulation within the depth of the existing floor. Our floor options offer good reductions in both airborne and impact sound transfer, with minimal increase in height. 

We always recommend that we carry out sound insulation testing before we carry out an installation. This is so that we can make sure that you have the best level of soundproofing within the space that you have available.

Just tap or click the play button below each system to listen to a demo of speech heard from the other side. This should give you an idea of the improvement you could expect when using that system.

Your existing party floor

Older properties tend to have timber floors, which either have empty ‘voids’ or a minimal amount of insulation, with timber floorboards on top and plasterboard or plaster and lathe ceilings.

These types of floors offer very little sound insulation, as they are essentially lightweight, hollow boxes.

Existing timber floor
Floor Soundproofing option 1

Slimline Floor Soundproofing

This is our ‘go to option’ for soundproofing of timber floors which offers a high degree of sound reduction with very little impact on floor height. This option changes three aspects of the existing floor: absorption, density and separation.

All three aspects combine to greatly improve the sound insulation of existing timber floors. There are other options we could use for even greater performance, which add even more mass to the floor. However, this option gives us a good balance of ease of installation and performance.

Airborne and Impact sound improvement

We can achieve improvements in both the impact and airborne sound insulation of a floor using our base systems. However, if you are after more performance, we have a range of other flooring systems to suit your needs.

The greatest sound insulation performance will always be achieved by treating both the floor above and the ceiling below. We appreciate that this isn’t possible for a lot of our customers, and so we use the highest performing systems available. If you are able to treat both sides though, we would highly recommend it.

Trust the experts and get a quote today to install floor soundproofing in your home.

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