Ceiling Soundproofing

The ceiling soundproofing that we offer demonstrates the best that can be done within the ceiling height that you might have. These systems are great in improving airborne sound insulation. However, while they will reduce impact sound transfer, the best way to improve impact sound insulation is to add treatment to the floor above. Our consultants are ready to advise you based on your individual needs.

We recommend that we carry out sound insulation testing before we carry out an installation. This allows us to make sure that you have the best soundproofing within the space that you have.

Just tap or click the play button below each system to hear a demo of speech heard from the other side, starting with the ‘existing’ ceiling. This should give you an idea of the improvement you could expect when using that system.

Your existing party ceiling

Older properties usually have lightweight, empty timber joist floors. Therefore sound insulation from floors can be very low, and unlikely to meet the minimum requirements of Approved Document Part E.

The good news is that a lot can be done to improve this. However, what can be done depends on the ceiling height you have. The greater the ceiling height, the greater the sound reduction.

Existing timber ceiling
Ceiling Soundproofing Option 1

Slimline Ceiling Soundproofing

This is our main option for soundproofing of timber ceilings. It offers high sound reduction with little loss of ceiling height. When using this system, it changes three acoustic properties of the existing ceiling for greater sound insulation. Bear in mind that testing helps us to monitor flanking sound, which is an important factor with these ceiling types.

If ceiling height is precious in your property, we could use a joist clip system. Certainly, this system has been designed to offer similar improvements in sound insulation with even less loss of height.

Fully independent ceiling

If you have ceiling height to spare, why not leave your existing ceiling in-tact? Installing a new ceiling structure below offers the greatest increase in sound insulation. Additionally, you will experience less disruption and waste as we won’t remove the existing ceiling.

The reduction of sound with this soundproofing system is so huge that an audio demo would be practically silent!

Trust the experts and get a quote today to install ceiling soundproofing in your home.

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