Masonry Wall Soundproofing

Following is a selection of our stock soundproofing systems for walls. These are the options that you will receive in your fee quotation from us.

Note that these systems are not the be all and end all of what we can provide to you, we have the in-house expertise to design any system to meet your needs. These systems do however provide excellent levels of soundproofing within the respective sizes. And adding the Mass Loaded Vinyl option will only improve things more.

We always suggest that we carry out sound insulation testing before we carry out an installation, so we can marry up the right sound level of soundproofing with the space that you have available. If next door is really throwing some noise through your party wall, you want to be confident that the soundproofing is performing the best it can!

We have some handy audio demonstrations of the level of reduction we expect each system to be able to achieve. We find this a lot more useful to explain reductions than using percentages or just plain decibel levels. 

Existing brick wall

For older properties, we initially assume that the party wall is a single layer of brick, plastered and painted or wallpapered on both sides. This is the ‘base construction’ that we use to then design and install our masonry soundproofing systems.

Good soundproofing system
Good soundproofing system

Good - 10 dB reduction

When space is at a premium, we have a good balance between sound reduction and space saving in this system.

All materials are directly fixed to an existing plastered masonry wall, and this includes a 20 mm rubber crumb system with two layers of 15 mm dense acoustic plasterboard over the top.

If you take us up on our optional extras, we can finish off the wall with a plaster skim and paint, and we will then replace any coving, skirting, sockets or switches.

Better, Best - up to 20 dB reduction

If you really have room to spare, we can install a variety of systems that can provide the greatest levels of soundproofing. Typically we would expect system depths between 10 and 15 cm for very high performance.

To an existing plastered masonry wall, we would add timber battens and mineral wool insulation.

Then, you have the option of adding a layer of Mass Loaded Vinyl (or MLV) which is expected to increase the overall performance of the wall by around 3 dB.

We then add in resilient bars, and two layers of dense acoustic plasterboard.

Finally, you have the options for us to finish off the wall with a plaster skim and paint, and we will then replace any coving, skirting, sockets or switches that will need moving out.


Best Soundproofing System
Best soundproofing system dimension

For details on what decibels are and what a reduction of 5 dB or more could mean to you, why not have a look at our Knowledge Articles.

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