Enjoy the heart of your home.

Get a quote today for soundproofing your living spaces, and stop hearing things from next door that you shouldn’t.

We all need peace and quiet in which to work.

With more of us working from home, you could do with a little more headspace in the office. Get a quote today to install soundproofing to your office space.

Protect your rest and your sleep.

We don’t need to tell you how important sleep is. Contact us today for a quote to soundproof your bedroom.

Soundproof and cozy living room
Enjoy the heart of your home.
Soundproof your living spaces and turn down that noise from next door.
Working in a soundproof office
We all need peace and quiet in which to work.
Soundproof your home office, and give yourself a little more headspace.
Sleeping in a soundproof bedroom
Protect your rest and your sleep.
Get a quote today to soundproof your bedroom.

Welcome to We Do Soundproofing

We are all entitled to quiet enjoyment of our home, and we have the soundproofing solutions to make that happen. Whether you need help to get back to restful sleep, or in getting back some concentration or just some peace, We Do Soundproofing can help.

With thirty years’ experience in the acoustics industry, you can rest assured that our solutions are researched, tried and tested. We also have the knowledge and flexibility to deal with any acoustic challenge thrown our way.

We Do Soundproofing provides specification and installation services for home soundproofing to London and the surrounding areas in the south east of the UK. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Listen to The Difference We Can Make

We have some really handy audio demonstrations to hopefully show you the improvements we could make to your home. Use the links below to have a listen to the differences that we can make to the respective partition types.

Do you need different acoustic services, say acoustic testing or a report for a planning assessment? We’d be happy to help at our sister business We Do Soundtesting.